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Life can be difficult. Weighed down by broken relationships, unfulfilling jobs, and a frantic pace, many experience the uncomfortable realities of burnout, overwhelming anxiety, and depression.

So many of our clients come to us with codependency issues, a legacy of trauma wounds, and an overall “lost” feeling. Talk therapy has not worked in the past, and you may even be hesitant to try “another therapist.”

Offering therapies that go beyond mere talk therapy, our approach is unique and trauma-informed. Peace of Mind knows that true healing occurs when we obtain a secure relationship with ourselves. This is understandably difficult when we have faced trauma, repeated relational wounding, and/or did not receive what we needed as children. We are dedicated to providing an authentic therapeutic relationship that will foster a sense of security, empowering you to begin to trust yourself and live the fulfilling life you seek. 


Danté Brown



Tamara Weems



ariana cook



Wilson A. Llerena


Meet The Team

About The Owner

Danté Brown, LCPC, NCC

First and foremost, I am a person-centered therapist who enjoys walking alongside clients as they attain the change they desire. Putting the client at the heart of treatment creates a space for true healing to occur.  


Trauma is not what happens to you, trauma is what happens inside of you as a result of what happens to you.

- Gabor Mate 

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