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Wilson A. Llerena


Whether I’m working with individuals, couples, or families, I tell them all the same thing: It
takes two to tango. I don’t focus on pointing fingers at who is wrong in the situation. Instead, I guide my clients to collaborate with each other to find a solution together as a team. I push my individuals to expand their insights to find growth in themselves and in others. In today’s society, there is a stigma around therapy that inhibits most from reaching out for help. A happy mind is a healthy mind, and the best way to do that is with laughter. I do my best to bring a little humor
into every session so that my clients can take something positive home with them each time they come. Learning about ourselves is something we should enjoy, not something we fear.
I attended Salisbury University for my undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I received my Master’s in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of
Maryland, College Park. I am a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT), and
a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). I am
also a PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital Counseling Program Facilitator. I spend most of my downtime playing volleyball and singing whatever comes to mind when I’m outside the office. On occasion, I’ll do both activities at the same time.

I spend time with my clients, developing a safe space to allow the emotions to flow throughout the session. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we allow ourselves to heal. If you are searching for a closer connection with your partner or family member, or if you are interested in learning something new about yourself, join me, and we can explore it together.

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