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Kristi Bowerman


I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor who works with clients of all ages.

My approach is person-centered, infused with hope, encouragement, and a bit of humor. Each client is a unique individual, and I tailor my approach to meet their specific needs. As a therapist, I am committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, a place where their voice is valued and heard. I believe in empowering and collaborating with my clients. I believe everything you need to be successful in your work already lies within; however, healing is a process that takes time and effort on both our parts. Therapy can be challenging and emotional at times, and I am committed to supporting and walking beside my clients through each step of their therapeutic process. I am dedicated to helping clients develop the skills they need to cope and thrive as they work towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilling, and peaceful life.

My clinical interests include treating adults and teens struggling with life transitions, anxiety, stress management, parenting stress, prenatal and postnatal issues, motherhood, self-compassion, trauma, parent-child relationship building, and the highly sensitive person.


BA America Studies

University Of Maryland

MA Education
Johns Hopkins University

MS Counseling

Hood College


200+ hr Mindfulness Meditation Instructor Certification
Mindfulness Center Bethesda

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