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Therapeutic Services

Many roads lead people to therapy, but usually, all people have the same desired outcome: peace of mind.


Therapy is an invitation for you, the client, to process difficult feelings and experiences, confront past and present challenges, learn and practice new strategies for coping, and develop the necessary skills needed to make lasting change.

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Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, we will engage in one-on-one sessions to address your specific needs and goals. Let’s work together as you navigate the ever-changing reality of life. Individual therapy is an invitation to prioritize you!

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Group Therapy

Being in a relationship with others is the foundation of healing. Groups provide a great opportunity to tap into our birthright of connecting with others as we face both the many challenges and triumphs of life. We offer mindfulness-based groups, DBT groups, and specialized groups for adults who were parented by emotionally immature caregivers.

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Family Therapy

Legacy burdens and intergenerational trauma are common in families, and both impede optimal family functioning. Our practice specializes in working with these families and families in crisis. Our active, eclectic, and modern approach has been effective in providing a safe space to work through burdensome cycles, moving the family to greater harmony and peace.

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Trauma Therapy

Our nervous system’s reaction to events that occur outside of us. As we are all unique, so are our nervous systems. Our nervous systems are often rattled by trauma, and it shows up in our behaviors and actions as we move through life. Other times, our trauma presents itself in the form of disturbing traumatic memories. Sometimes, traumatic memories and behaviors are both present. Peace of Mind clinicians are extensively trained in evidence-based trauma therapies targeted at processing and resolving trauma (including both single-incident traumas and traumas that developed over time).

Check out our EMDR section for more information.

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