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Leah Lewis, LCPC, LPC

I have been practicing as a licensed professional counselor in the tri-state area (DC,MD, VA) for 8 years. I believe in meeting my clients where they are at and building upon their strengths. I received my Master’s in Science degree from Millersville University in PA and received my Bachelor’s of Arts from Temple University. My approach to therapy has an emphasis on cognition and behavior where I focus on the way people think and the impact it has on everyday choices. I also focus more on a person’s present and future circumstances rather than past experiences. I believe people have a vision for their life and I like to work with people by determining the skills, resources, and abilities needed to achieve their vision successfully. 

I enjoy helping children and teens overcome mental health struggles and equip parents with tools to better understand and connect with their children. I also enjoy using expressive and play informed therapy interventions to help increase their awareness while experientially challenging and overcoming the roadblocks that have been getting in the way of healing and connecting. I am trained in DBT, CBT, and PCIT to help with various mental health diagnosis related to a child’s development.

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